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Spring is HERE

This is that time of year.The grass grows, flowers start to bloom and Real Estate just takes off!! Hold on tight eneryone, this year has exploded unlike any year in recent history. I have conversations with agents daily and the theme is very consistent, We are Busy!! As our market continues to thrive, I want to take a moment to say thank you for allowing me to take the journey with you. I will continue to provide the highest level of service that you have come to expect. Remember, when you hire a Home Inspector, your hiring an extention of YOUR BRAND. The days of calling a guy with a truck and a ladder to inspect your clients dream home is coming to an end. Your Home Inspection doesn't need to be the speed bump in your escrow. Your Home Inspection can be the catalyst that propels buyers to the finish line.   

Well, the new company is off and running. A lot has gone into making this venture a reality. Many hours of configuring software and fine-tuning the details. Long conversations with my web developer Greg, who by the way also created the ABear Logo. A seemingly endless process of filling to create the Corporation and appropriate bank accounts.  In the end, as I look back at the past couple of months I can truly say it was all worth the effort. I have created something I can be proud of. I have created a place where I can be of service. The absolute best part of my job is the ability to interact with clients during a very exciting time in their lives, buying a home. Explaining property condition does not need to be a negative experience. I enjoy every conversation with my clients, regardless of the condition of the home. Clients are seeking honest and reliable information, and I am honored to provide it.


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